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  • Saving screenshots as BMP or JPEG file format
  • Customizable compression quality for JPEG)
  • Minimizing to tray
  • Customizable Hotkeys (Alt/CTRL/Shift in combination with other keys)
  • Sound effect when making screenshot (default or custom wave file)
  • Integrated Screenshotbrowser
  • Integrated HTML Gallery Generator using html templates
  • Making screenshots of whole desktop, active window or window by caption, including wild cards (* and ?)
  • Auto Screenshot
  • Setting windows to foreground before making screenshots
  • Screenshot filename generation based on variables like screenshot number, date, time and window caption.

  Filename generation from variables:

   Example: C:\documents\screenshots\<%caption>\shot-<%date>--<%time>.jpg

   Example result: C:\documents\screenshots\Paint\shot-2002-05-29--21-06-04.jpg


Development tools:

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