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smartision ScreenCopy is a freeware and opensource screenshot tool for Windows developed in Borland Delphi. It has many features like Auto-Screenshot and an included Gallery Generator.

New project admin

    lordsteff - 2005-02-24 10:19   -   smartision ScreenCopy
I added lancerlotz as a project admin, as I don't have time to continue developing.

French docs

    lordsteff - 2004-01-03 07:32   -   smartision ScreenCopy
I made the french docs available as a separate download.

Future of ScreenCopy

    lordsteff - 2003-12-21 10:10   -   smartision ScreenCopy
To all ScreenCopy users: As you can see, there haven't been any changes for about one year now. ScreenCopy is a freetime project, and I can't work on it currently due to my studies. But: The ScreenCopy project is not dead. There have been several requests to update ScreenCopy in the last weeks, and I'll try to continue with my work when I find the time. Steffen

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